A Cloud Native Pitch Meeting

Carson Anderson @ OSSummit | Jun 21, 2022

A fast and furious speed-run through 16 Graduated and 33 Incubating projects in the CFCF!


The Cloud Native Computing Landscape is vast! Really, really vast! In fact, it’s so big that it can be hard to even have heard of every project. Let alone know what each of them does. The sheer number of names and concepts can be overwhelming and make it hard to even know where to start.

As of right now, there are 16 Graduated and 28 Incubating projects in the CNCF. These are the projects that have either fully reached or nearly reached the high quality, transparency, and governance standards of the organization. In this session you will get a very short introduction nearly all of them! In this rapid fire presentation, Carson will cover every single Graduated level project and most of the Incubating projects as well

You may not get deep level of understanding of any one project. But you will get enough information to know which ones interest you the most and where you want to dig deeper.

Source Code

See the full source on GitHub at https://github.com/carsonoid/talk-a-cloud-native-pitch-meeting