Kubernetes Deconstructed

Carson Anderson @ KubeCon | Feb 20, 2018

This was my first talk for a large conference. It is nearly 5 years old now, but many of the key concepts still hold true. As of 2022 the core Kubernetes components have not radically changed and they still fit together the same way.

Source Code

See the full source on GitHub at https://github.com/carsonoid/kube-decon

Watch It


This is nearly twice as long as the Kubecon version and contains more detail on all topics.

Live at Kubecon

If you are looking to see the high-energy version from Kubecon you can find it on YouTube

View the Presentation

If you want to view the presentation yourself you can go to the hosted version or just follow it it below.

^ The presentation has some rudimentary navigation. If you just want to quickly run through the slides try clicking in the bottom left corner to avoid jumping somewhere you didn’t expect